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Welcome to Rory's Journey!

bumblitos first book in this series introduces you to Rory, a humble little bee, and the universal desire to learn about the beautiful world we all live in. 
Rhythmic verse and vibrant illustrations will entertain your little one, while introducing friendly characters and new places. While reading aloud, encourage the identification of "bee", "flower", and other simple elements. As they become familiar with repetition, encourage their speech and interest in the story. 
Story time with children is a time to make memories. Watch their imaginations take flight with Rory!

bumblitos second book features our friendly little bee traveling across our beautiful country to discover new friends and exciting places. Friendly bears and woodland creatures introduce Rory to forest life, while opening their homes during the colder months to provide shelter. 
Using easy rhymes and descriptive words, reading to your child provides a familiar routine to relax during the busy day and wind down for a peaceful bedtime.

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