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Become an Affiliate

Welcome to the Baby Footprint affiliate program!

You spend your day talking cloth diapers, baby wearing and green living - right? Well Baby Footprint wants to reward you for all your green talk! We will provide you with a link to share! Simply copy and paste the code we supply into your blog, share it with friends and family, or on social media outlets!  With an easy to use interface, you will get notification immediately when an order has been placed with your link and we have approved it.  

You're scrolling Facebook anyways, why not make some extra cash? Posting pics of your fluff stashes, baby wearing selfies, and BLW feeding bloopers? Post your link telling everyone where to get the best gear around! Let everyone know what awesome products we have, they shop through your link and we both win!

Our program will pay you a 3% commission on ALL sales generated! Keep spreading the word and you'll keep earning! We will pay in CASH or store credit once your affiliate account reaches $20 or more! Affiliates may request to be paid out once they accrue $20 worth of commission, or Baby Footprint will automatically pay out accounts every 60 days. Automatic payouts will be done by Store Credit (Gift certificates). If you wish to have payment as EMT, Cheque or PayPal, please let us know as we're happy to accommodate! 

Is there a catch?? Perhaps a couple small ones. We'll only be hosting a small number of affiliates. We will review our affiliate list every 3 months and will deactivate non active accounts. We also will deactivate accounts if we feel aren't a good fit (we don't want to have certain brands flogged with affiliates - we want to spread the love across all brands we carry!) . Non active accounts will be deactivated without notice and commission below the $20 mark will be given store credit to be used within 3 months. 

Few other housekeeping details!

You may NOT use your own affiliate link. Orders placed under your own name, on your link, will not be approved commission earners. BUT, I'm sure you know about our awesome reward points program you earn cash back on anyways!

Be explicit when you are posting on social media! You must use discloser that you are dropping an affiliate link!

Be mindful of Social Media group rules! Some groups do not allow advertising and spamming, and outright "Go shop at Baby Footprint, use this link" posts, can come across that way! Commenting on peoples questions on where to find things, and suggestions is generally great (just use your discloser of course!) but please be mindful of the group rules - I don't want you breaking any and making admin's angry!

The purpose of the program is to help bring new customers to Baby Footprint! Please don't use your friends link, and have them use yours, this isn't a tradesies program! Lets keep this fun!

Ok with the rules we have in place? Create your account and get started with the affiliate program today! Have questions or concerns? Email us!

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