Unwrapped Life - The Detoxifier Conditioner Bar

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(activated charcoal + aloe | bergamot + blood orange) 
 100% essential oil Ash, honey, golden, strawberry, or blonde: whichever shade you’re rockin’, it's an investment to keep your hair looking its best! But don’t despair blondie babes, we’ve got the solution: meet, The Detoxifier. With the cleansing and toning power of activated charcoal, and the moisturizing and conditioning properties of soothing aloe vera, apricot seed, and hemp seed oil, you’ll banish the brass, and keep your locks smooth and hydrated between salon visits! The shampoo bar can also be used as a clarifying treatment, as required, for most hair types (use caution with vivid hair colors). Features: Vegan + cruelty-free 
 Lasts approximately 50-75 washes (may vary!)
 Equivalent to 2-3 16 oz bottles of liquid product Color-safe, can be used with extensions 

 Recommended Hair Type: clarifying + toning | blonde hair

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