Stonz Booties with 'PLUS' Foam Size XL

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Great versatile booties for 6 month olds to 2 year olds!
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New durable, waterproof and recyclable sole!

 Skid-resistant and lightweight PLUSfoam sole, made from   100% recycled and recyclable materials

 Water and wind-resistant 600D nylon upper

 Two adjustable toggles to provide a personalized fit

 Soft fleece lining

 For Fall, Winter and Spring - just layer up or down

 Sherpa-fleece Linerz can be inserted for extra layer of warmth. Purchase them here


 100% recyclable sole

 Skid-resistant, lightweight and waterproof

 Hypo-allergenic and non-microbial

 Zero waste post-manufacturing process

 Recycling your Booties is now quick and easy. Visit  and click Recycle a Product, then choose STONZ

Find the size Small Booties HERE

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