Ruby Wave by AppleCheeks - Panty Liner *SECONDS QUALITY*

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*Due to Canadian FDA regulations, we can only ship these within Canada*

RubyWave pads provide a beautiful combo of waterproofing and absorbency. Wetness stays in the absorbent zone, while our breathable, water resistant wings and backing reduce the chances of leakage. 

So easy to use. Did you know that choosing a reusable option for your period could be simple?

Choose from one of three absorbency levels to suit your needs:Our Panty Liner is great for light days, spotting, or wet days. 

Need daytime protection? Choose our Daytime Pad. 

For a heavier flow, or for larger coverage at night, choose our Nighttime Pad option

Measuring Approximately 18.5cmx7cm for Pantyliners. 24cmx8cm for Daytime. And 27.5cmx9cm for Night time

Preparation and Maintenance of your pads:

Before first use: Wash your pads with a scent-free, softener-free detergent at least once.
Rinse pads in cold water after use to prevent staining. Wring out and store in one of our Storage Sacs between washes. 

90% cotton/10% polyester dimple fabric for absorbency. Backed with PUL. 

How to Wash Your Pads:

• Stain Removal: Soak pads in cold water until laundry time. Water should be changed daily, and pads should not soak for more than two days. 

• If staining is not a concern (it is only aesthetic), rinse pads and wring out so they are not sopping, and store in our Storage Sacs until laundry day. 

• Wash using a regular cycle setting in cold or warm water. If the pads have been rinsed prior to washing, they can be washed with your normal laundry. 

Machine dry, or hang to dry. Machine drying will result in a softer pad. 

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