Ro Sham Bo Shades - Baby Size

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These shades block 100% of uva/b/c rays and are made in Italy, not China or Taiwan like the other guys. The flexible but durable and soft material is bpa-free and specially designed for baby's use and abuse. They even mold the logos into the design to avoid unnecessary paint. These are durable, bendable, flexible AND chewable - we dare you to break them! Check out this great video for a demo!

Baby Shades : fits 0-2 years and up depending on baby's head size. So light they can float! in fact, our baby shades are over 25% lighter than our competitors! Approximate measurements: 4.25" temple to temple, 3.75" temple to ear (arm length), and 1.4" high.

NEW Toddler size now available in our classic wayfarer style! we're excited to announce our new size that will better fit little kids between 2-4 years of age. Approximate measurements: 4.63" temple to temple, 4.5" temple to ear and 1.5" high

Junior Shades fit 3-12 years and up depending on kiddo's head size. Approximate measurements: 5" front (temple to temple) x 4.7" long (arm length) x 1.65" high.

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