Reusable Water Balloons

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Reusable water balloons
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Reusable water balloons are this summers MUST HAVE!
Just get them wet and let your imagination soar!  Then, do it all over again!! 
No mess! No waste! No itty bitty pieces of plastic to pick up!! 

Made of super thirsty 100% polyester yarn these balloons hold lots of water! Toss them for a big splat! Or squish them for a nice refreshing shower!

Sold in packs of coordinating colours of 6! Tip? Grab one set for each child, then make the rule they can ONLY touch THEIR colours! 

Handmade in Alberta Canada. 

Size will vary a bit due to the handmade nature but they are approximately 4 x 2.5"

 Machine wash cold and air dry (suggest washing in a garment bag or pillow case)

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