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  • The PremierSki quickly attaches to the wheels of your stroller, 
  • making it easier to get outside with your stroller in the winter.
  • A simple adjustment allows the skis to attach to just about any stroller wheels available on the market.
  • The skis cut easily through snow – unlike wheels that get stuck in the slightest bit of slush or powder.
  • Fits all simple or double wheels from 4" (100mm) up to 18" (455mm), and up to 2"(50mm) wide.
  • Well-designed, patent-pending and made in Québec
  • Your child is comfortably and securely seated in their own stroller; no worries about the baby falling out of a small sled or getting snow in their face!
  • Your child can enjoy looking at the scenery as they slide along in the stroller and not just a view of your behind like when you pull a sled!
  • Parents enjoy all the advantages of their regular stroller, especially the ergonomics; no more backache from pulling a sled!
  • Excellent for winter jogging, snowshoeing on groomed trails and cutting through snowy sidewalks.
  • Sold as a set of 3 skis, or as a set of 4, to accommodate different strollers. (3 wheeled or 4)

Note: Not recommended for use in deep snow, off-roading. Not recommended on ski slopes. Not suitable for strollers equipped with mud-guards.  

?SAFETY: Ski's do not come equipped with brakes. Only use skis on flat terrain. Good judgement by the user is required. Your child's safety is your responsibility.

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