Mother ease Big Kid Cloth Training Pants - LARGE

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Our Big Kid Training Pants are designed to look & feel like real underwear, encouraging your little ones independence!

With our velvety soft absorbent Bamboo Terry, you never need to worry. Designed to hold two accidents without ever leaking AND allows your child to feel the wetness, discouraging future accidents.


  • Completely Leak-free - absorbing up to two accidents
  • Bamboo Terry - velvety soft & absorbent
  • Wet Feel - discourage future accidents
  • Trim Fitting - to fit under pants with ease
  • & Our Lifetime Warranty on our Elastics!

Small 25-33lbs

Medium 33-40lbs

Large 40-48lb

New soft binding and elastics provide the independence your child needs to pull up and down!

Available in White, Teal, Purple, Oceans, Bouquet, Dot and Fin!

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