Mother Ease Wizard Duo Fitted Insert

Mother Ease Wizard Duo Fitted Insert

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Simple, Economical, Leakproof… The Wizard Duo has it all!

The Wizard Duo Diaper consists of an absorbent Fitted Duo Diaper Insert and waterproof Duo Cover that snap together to make a One Step Diapering System

Once snapped together, the Wizard Duo becomes as easy to use as our Wizard Uno - All in One! 

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The Absorbent Wizard Duo Fitted Insert is the cloth diaper component of our All-in-Two cloth diaper system.

Grab your One Size Wizard Duo Covers HERE

How it Works:

The Duo Fitted Insert snaps inside the Duo Cover. Once complete, your All-in-Two cloth diaper is ready to be used on your baby.

When the Duo Fitted Insert becomes wet or soiled, simply unsnap from the Duo Cover and replace with a clean one, reusing your waterproof Cover 3-4 times before having to launder.


  • Fully Elastizied - elastic is sewn around the entire Insert, creating your first line of defense against leaks!
  • Wide Coverage - the Duo Fitted Insert is sized to cover the entire Duo Cover, ensuring that only the Insert fabric will sit against your babies delicate skin.
  • Snaps - Secured inside the Duo Cover with 6 snaps, keeping the Duo Fitted Insert in place and spread apart - stopping any bunching and keeping your cover clean to reuse again and again!
  • Adjustable Rise - quickly adjust the length of the Duo Fitted Insert with the fold over rise for a perfect fit inside your Duo Cover.

Fabric Options:

Available in two natural fabric options (Unbleached Cotton and Bamboo Terry) and our 100% polyester fabric options: Stay Dry and Stay Dry Night Time. 


The Unbleached Cotton and Bamboo Terry are both natural fibers, so your baby will feel wet when they pee. They are naturally absorbent and perform great, day or night. 

The Bamboo Terry is slightly more absorbent and velvety soft to the touch. However, the drying time is slightly longer than the Unbleached Cotton.

Next, is the Stay Dry. This is made from 100% polyester which has a great deal more technology incorporated! The Stay Dry material keeps your baby feeling completely dry in a wet diaper, which promotes healthier skin and reduces the chance of a rash. It is also much more absorbent and has the same drying times as our Cotton! 

Lastly, our Night Time has all of the qualities as our Stay Dry with an even more absorbent core! No need to add any absorbent boosters for night time. 

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