Mother Ease Bedwetter Training Undies
Mother Ease Bedwetter Training Undies

Mother Ease Bedwetter Training Undies

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Our washable Bedwetter Pants are a pull-up style super absorbent pant for older children that need night time protection!

The absorbent inner is made from our white cotton terry and the outer is made from our polyester PUL cover fabric.


  • 625 ml ( 21 oz) absorbency - no boosters needed!
  • Natural cotton inner
  • Waterproof PUL outer
  • Easy pull up & down
  • Fully washable!


See Washing tab for detailed instructions. 


XSmall - 30 to 40 lbs

Small - 40 to 55 lbs

Medium - 55 to 65 lbs

Approximate Measurements:









30 - 40

15 - 21

10 - 13


40 - 55

16 - 23

12 - 16


55 - 65

19 - 26

13 - 17

Bedwetter Pant Care Guide:

Each morning:

1) Turn used pant inside out and rinse the concentrated urine out of your Bedwetter Pant with warm water in your laundry tub. Wring excess water out of pant.

2) Store your rinsed Bedwetter Pant inside your diaper pail.

Note - Do not store your Bedwetter Pants for more than 2 days without washing. Odors can develop if they are left too long without washing.


3) Bedwetter Pants should be turned inside out for washing and drying.

4) Run a pre-rinse or short cycle with warm water and ½ oz laundry detergent.

5) Wash the Bedwetter Pants in a full cycle, using hot water (140°F / 60°C) and the manufacturers recommended amount of laundry detergent.

6) Drying - Machine dry on medium heat setting.

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