Kaloo Tendresse Small Doll
Kaloo Tendresse Small Doll

Kaloo Tendresse Small Doll

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Soft to the touch, easy to grab by the hands and gives the best hugs
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A sweet range with cute graphics and multiple extensions for easy-grip to awaken baby's senses

Extremely sweet, this little doll is now yours.

So soft, she will be your best friend during naps.

Truly gentle, she will soothe all your sorrows.

A bit mischievous, you will have so much fun together.

Once upon a time.... sweet and soft Kaloo creation: your first cuddly doll, usable from birth.

Dimensions: 18cm tall

Machine washable at 30 degrees C

Overflowing with colours and originality. Azure K is the sweetest of the family. Quirky with her pink hair and her stripes, she will be your little one’s best friend to play or to nap. 

Featuring a trendy look, Chloé evokes a sense of a modern girl who is at ease with herself. Her matte tone makes her golden hair stand out and her peach-coloured skirt produces a relaxed look. You'll love her chicly-styled skirt and cool sneakers!

Emma is the girliest girl in her pretty pink dress. Lovely and irresistible, she will quickly become your little one’s best playmate

Meet Fleur K, a lovely doll modeled after your little girl. The most joyful among the Tendresse family, she is all adorable and refreshing with her dress full of flowers, her cute bloomer and little flower embroidered on her feet. Your little one can remove and put back on her bloomer, to try to imitate Mommy’s gestures. 

Jade K is the most romantic of Tendresses. Her hat and poppy boots make Jade a modern and sensitive little girl. Original and passionate, she will accompany baby in all his discoveries and trips. Together, they will live the most beautiful adventures. Many finishes make Jade K even more charming: little poppy hearts adorning her skirt, a flower on her hat to match her dress and an elegant bow around her neck

Lucas K will become the favorite companion of the little ones! His ultra soft harem pants, his little scarf around his neck and his cap of a delicate sea green, make Lucas a friend full of Tenderness. His pants roll up if we want to change his outfit. Little boys are also entitled to their Tendresse doll. Soft, tender and adorned with delicate details to reflect the entire collection

Perle K is all tenderness and elegance. The most gentle of the family, she is like a princess wearing a tulle skirt and pretty flower on the head. With her gentle smile and kind look, she will always be close to your little one to comfort her when she is sad. The iconic Kaloo bear is embroidered on her feet, making her even more unique.

Manon K is the bohemian little girl from the Tendresses range. Her dress with pastel stars invites you to dream. Tender and gentle, it will accompany baby in all his discoveries and trips. Together, they will live the most beautiful adventures. Many finishes make Manon K even more charming: her peach-colored boots, matching her pretty hat adorned with a flower in harmony with her dress, an elegant bow around her neck

Explore the classical dancer who is the stuff of little ballet fans' dreams! Dressed in a powder pink wrap-over top embellished with a golden scarf and an oh-so-soft champagne-coloured star print skirt, Valentine reveals delicate, refined style. Her red hair distinguishes her from other Tendresse dolls

Eliott K will become the new favorite friend of the little ones! His jeans, bandana around the neck, sneakers and polo shirt make Eliott an ideal companion to share all his adventures! His pants roll up if we want to change his outfit. Little boys are also entitled to their Tendresse doll. They are, like little girls, soft, tender and adorned with delicate details in the image of the entire collection.

Rose K is the little dreamer among the Tendresse. Her gentle smile and marine stripes reminds us of trips and holidays in the outdoor. Soft and comforting, Rose K will accompany your girl in all her explorations and travels. Together they will live the most joyful adventures. Several details makes Rose K so special: hearts embroidered on her feet, a flower matching a dress on her head and a long ribbon on her back to write your daughter’s name. Her big size is perfect for big real hugs

The lovely Lise K is the most stylish one. She amazes us with her bright pink hair matching a classic and elegant dress. Lise K will quickly become your little girl’s best friend. With her fond expression, she will encourage and comfort your daughter in all situations. 

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