Ju Ju Be Chromatics 4.0 - Lilac & Indigo
Ju Ju Be Chromatics 4.0 - Lilac & Indigo

Ju Ju Be Chromatics 4.0 - Lilac & Indigo

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Newest solid colours from Ju Ju Be
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Introducing Chromatics 4.0

Feeling blue doesn’t mean you’re down … especially when you have all the feels for our new Chromatics solid in Indigo. Bold and strong, but calming and serene, this beautiful dark denim shade suits your every mood. Up close you’ll notice a slightly dusted, stonewashed look, but from far away you’ll love that it’s deep and inky. Accented with brushed gold hardware and lined with Champagne, you can pair it with all the faves in your closet. Richly exotic or classic and comfortable, we hope you’re feeling Indigo.

The earliest bloom of spring, Lilac has always been a harbinger of sun and milder weather. Deeper than pink but lighter than periwinkle, this plush pastel hue will warm your eyes and brighten your soul. Finished with rose gold hardware and lined with Champagne satin, our Chromatics bags in this tint will make you blossom with pride. Keep Lilac in the bouquet of your wardrobe and you’ll feel like it’s sunny every day!

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