Ju Ju Be - Sanrio x - Party In the Sky Hello Kitty
Ju Ju Be - Sanrio x - Party In the Sky Hello Kitty

Ju Ju Be - Sanrio x - Party In the Sky Hello Kitty

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Celebrating 60 years for Sanrio, and 15 years for JuJuBe!
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Dreams take flight with our latest Sanrio x JuJuBe print celebrating Sanrio’s 60th and JuJuBe’s 15th Birthdays! 

It’s time to Party in the Sky with Hello Kitty™ and all her favorite Sanrio friends! 
Floating upwards in the pale blue sky, you’ll find Hello Kitty™  with the Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Pompompurin, Keroppi, Badtz Maru, Tuxedo Sam, Kuromi, and cute little Gudetama … each soaring higher and higher in custom hot air balloons portraying their likeness. Floating from cloud to cloud, colorful balloons in light green, sunny yellow, soft pink, muted black, and vivid blue touch the sky amidst smiles and cheers. The party continues inside with the palest pink lining decorated with the party goers. Two sweet zipper pulls adorn most bags … Hello Kitty™ holding a present plus one of her trademark bows in pink! Sprinkled with confetti, hearts, stars, and song, you won’t want to miss this heavenly Party in the Sky! 

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