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Please note: Canadian stock has been delayed, but we will ship as soon as it arrives to us! We will update status of its arrival to us in our Facebook Group 'Footprint Followers' Come join us!

What do you get when you mix JuJuBe magic with Harry Potter wizardry? Flying Keys the print so magical, you’ll feel like you caught the Golden Snitch each time you grab your bag and head out the door! This first print in the highly-anticipated JuJuBe x Harry Potter collaboration has something for everyone, from Gryffindors to Slytherins! Devoted wizards and witches will recognize the enchanted keys print and luminous “Wands and Spells” lining depicting powerful incantations. JuJuBe fans less familiar with the series will be equally charmed by the whimsical keys and elegant gold, white, and navy colorway. We even included something special for little Sorcerers-in-Training! Kids heading off to Hogwarts this fall can choose from three brand new bag styles perfect for sorting school supplies, books, and magic potions! Enchantment is in the air… catch Flying Keys so you can take it everywhere

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