Ju Ju Be - Beach Please & Stay Salty
Ju Ju Be - Beach Please & Stay Salty

Ju Ju Be - Beach Please & Stay Salty

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Life’s a BEACH with Beach Please and Stay Salty!
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Check the surf report because our latest 3D MBoss print is making waves! Dive in and Stay Salty all summer long with embossed Sea Foam waves. The rhythmic ebb and flow of this endless swell mesmerizes while the brushed gold hardware warmly shines upon the pale seafoam exterior. Peek at the sandy white interior to view our Beach Please lining. Stick figure beach goers and board riders remind you that life is a beach! Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen because this cool colored print is HOT, HOT, HOT!

Beach Please: Mix N Match your Stay Salty bags with select pieces made from our Beach Please lining  … the Be Light, Be Set, and Be Quick. A sandy white beach ground decorated with stick figures surfing, paddle boarding, yoga surfing, and biking with surfboards depicts our kind of “board” meeting! A splash of seafoam sprays behind each sketch giving it the perfect hint of color. Brushed gold hardware shines like the sun and you’ll want to dive right into the cool aqua interior that coordinates swimmingly with Stay Salty. When you beach babes are ready for vacay, just say Beach Please!

**NOTE - the Midi BackPacks and Beach Please Quicks are pre-order, will arrive in 10-14 days**

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