GroVia Hybrid Value Package

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The GroVia Hybrid Value Package is an economical way to get your baby into cloth.

The package comes with 3 shells, in Hook & Loop, Snap, or a mix. Also comes with four 3 packs of refolds in either size 1, 2, 3, or 4. 

What is the GroVia Diapering System?

GroVia is a modern, one-size diapering system. Its unique, waterproof shell and organic cotton soaker pad minimizes waste and cost. When the soaker pad is wet, simply replace with a fresh, dry one!

Prefolds are made from 55% Bamboo | 45% Organic Cotton

 Dimensions listed are before washing. Will shrink approximately 10%. The weight ranges below are only estimates and fit may vary from child to child.

  • Size 1:Newborn - 12 x 13 in. - 4-9 lbs. 2x6x2 ply
  • Size 2:Infant - 14 x 15.5 in. - 7-15 lbs. 4x8x4 ply
  • Size 3:Infant Long - 15 x 18.5 in. - 15-25 lbs. 4x8x4 ply
  • Size 4:Toddler - 16.5 x 20 in. - 25+ lbs. 4x8x4 ply


How does GroVia work?

GroVia is designed so that the outer shells may be used for multiple diaper changes. If the soaker pad is wet, simply snap in a fresh one and you are ready to go.  If the shell is wet, allow it to air dry and use for the next diaper change.  When your GroVia Shell is soiled or very saturated, start fresh with a new GroVia Shell.

Most GroVia System users will find that using 2-4 GroVia Shells are enough per day, although newborn babies may need more.

Shells can be used with the snap in soaker pads or you can use prefolds as well.

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