Gluckskafer Arch House 8pc - Red

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Wooden Arch
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Gluckskafer blocks are coloured with water-based stains that bring out the characteristic of original wood. The surface feels slightly rougher to facilitate construction projects.

Red Arch House by Gluckskafer includes 8 pieces. Approx dimensions: L 19 cm, W 7 cm, H 12 cm

For ages 2+

About Gluckskafer:

As a traditional wooden toy manufacturer based in southern Germany, Gluckskafer has been valued for 25 years for special, stable and creative toys. The range is constantly being carefully developed and supplemented with new products. Gluckskafer toys inspire the little ones in their early childhood. Gluckskafer promotes imagination in combination with fun.

Gluckskafer uses only selected woods, mainly beech and maple, from European forests certified to FSC / PEFC standards for sustainable silviculture. Wood waste is collected and recycled energetically at Gluckskafer.

Gluckskafer products use only tested, certified paints which are mainly water-based. These are ecological and completely safe for the health of the children. For this reason, no environmentally harmful emissions can enter the atmosphere in our production.

Gluckskafer carries out strict separation of all recyclables in their plant and ensure that it is fed into the recycling process.

High-quality wooden toys have to endure what children expect them to do. This is often more than most toys can handle. However, Gluckskafer wants to give you a flawless product. Gluckskafer wooden toys are therefore produced under the strictest requirements and guidelines at their location in southern Germany.

Gluckskafers CE-compliant production, as well as several other awards, give you the assurance of choosing a valuable and unique toy. The CE mark confirms that Gluckskafer products comply with the European standard for toy safety (EN 71).

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