Fat Brain Toys Hiding Hedgehogs

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Burrowed within the spines of each hedgehog is another hedgehog, smaller and cuter than the last.

Unstack them one by one to discover smiling faces, zig-zagging textures, colorful rolling wheels - Each one is a delightful new friend.

But then - connect them tail to nose, big to small, papa to baby... Little ones can't wait to pull the whole family along on a vibrant pretend-play adventure!

Early tactile learning is on a roll with the fun and friendly Hiding Hedgehogs.

Hiding Hedgehogs

Colorful, hedgehog-shaped rollers that can be stacked or connected into a train

Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, sensory learning, tactile learning

A wonderfully imaginative stack-and-roll experience

Hedgehogs stack up from big to small

Unstack them and connect them tail to nose - Pull them along like a train

Includes 4 colorful hedgehogs sized big to small

High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

18 months +

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