Fat Brain Toys Door Pong

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It's ping pong without the table!

Attach the clamp to the top of any doorway, turn the dial to adjust the length of the string, and then serve up hours of active fun.

Your goal is to hit the ball back to your opponent every time without missing - But more than a game, Door Pong is a fascinating, skill-strengthening activity to enjoy with a friend.

It enhances hand-eye coordination, concentration, reflexes, cooperation, and more...

Open the door to a truly ideal active-play delight with Door Pong!

Door Pong

Ping pong without the table!

Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, concentration, cooperative play

A delightfully fun activity for all ages

Clamp opens to a max of 9 inches and attaches easily to any doorframe

Turn the dial to adjust the string to your desired length

Simple game play - Hit the ball back and forth without missing

Play with a friend or solo

Includes clamp with tethered ball, 2 paddles

Based on the design of the 2017 Kidventor Competition winner

Originally designed to help improve skills and coordination of a child with autism

High quality design and materials - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay

Ages 6+

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