Element Botanicals Aches Away Cream

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Seriously soothing. Pure aromatic menthol and essential oils can help ease discomfort and tension with a soothing, comforting heat. Ideal for massage, headaches, sprains, arthritis, discomfort from colds/flus and works wonders on tired feet. Loaded with emollient rich cocoa butter which gives it a wonderfully creamy consistency making it ideal for massage with a smooth long lasting glide.

Key Elements: 

Menthol Crystals: Derived from the distillation process of pure mint essential oil, we dissolve it in pure organic cocoa butter and add it to our cream to impart an icy warmth that is deeply soothing and anti inflammatory.

Pure essential oil blend: Featuring sweet birch, clove and geranium; All renowned for their soothing effect.


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