Easter Baskets
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Easter Baskets

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**PICTURES ARE FOR EXAMPLE OF WHAT WE CAN CREATE!** Love one of them? Send us a message and we can confirm if we have stock to re-create! :) 

Taking the guess work out of shopping for Easter! Can't decide what to get?  Let us make up your baskets for you!

Each one will come with an Usborne book, SmartSweet candies and a variety of other great items depending on your budget.

If you want to customize it, send us a message, or leave comments as to things you would prefer/don't want. Otherwise it will be created by us based on age range, and gender you have selected. 

If there is options for sizes (Rain Boots, Muddy Buddy etc) Please leave the sizes and colours you'd prefer in the comments. We will follow up if our inventory is not sufficient. 

Available Sizes:

Small $30-35 Value

Medium $50-60 Value

Large $85-95 Value

X-Large $125-140 Value - Includes a Bilibo as the Basket

Super Size $160-180 Value -Includes a Bilibo as the Basket & Rain Boots (comment with your size and colour) & Muddy Buddy (comment with your size and colour)

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