Doddle Bags - Doddle Brush Set

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Art time without the mess
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Do you have a mini Modigliani?  

Is your house covered in tiny sparkles? Are you tempted to say, “no more”” to arts and craft at home?  

There is now a solution your glitter-generated blues.

For painting or gluing with less mess, choose the DoddleBrush set.

To use the DoddleBrush, all you have to do is screw it on to the top of your DoddleBag and watch your children have lots of fun painting, gluing and creating.  What’s more, you can save unused glue and paint for next time.  Less mess.  Less waste.  More smiles.

This set includes:

  • 4 brushes
  • 1 DoddleCase for keeping your brushes clean and safe
  • 4 pouches which you can fill with paint or glue
  • 4 anti-choke caps
  • 4 matching labelling stickers
  • A pipe cleaner to help keep your brushes super-clean


“We really liked DoddleBags’ colourful design and, most of all, the fact that once you are past the point of needing them for baby food, the bags can be used for poster paints or glue with the addition of the DoddleBrush.  Lots of messy fun ahead.” —

All our pouches are:

  • BPA-Phthalate-PVC free
  • reusable + recyclable
  • leak-proof
  • easily stored
  • hygienic + safe
  • see through on one side
  • freezer + lunchbox friendly
  • dishwasher + hot water safe
  • calibrated for easy measuring
  • easy for small children to hold + adults to fill

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