Coffee Sock - Coldbrew Kit CoffeeSock
Coffee Sock - Coldbrew Kit CoffeeSock

Coffee Sock - Coldbrew Kit CoffeeSock

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Complete Kit for making the perfect cold brew coffee on your own.
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CoffeeSock ColdBrew filters are durable and may last a year or more. CoffeeSock ColdBrew filters are a reusable alternative to paper filters and nylon sacks. All of our filters out-perform any comparable disposable and reusable filters. Cotton absorbs some of the oils released from coffee beans yet lets acids pass through. 
The resulting cup is clear crisp, rich and robust with all the acid of paper brewed coffee, without the paper taste, and all of the richness of French press without the heavy oiliness. 
CoffeeSock filters are made with Certified Organic Cotton. 
Cotton imparts no flavor on the finished brew unlike paper. Cotton is 90% cellulose, which is a tasteless and odorless compound that is insoluable in water. Wood is 40-50% while Hemp is approximately 45% cellulose. CS filters are made in Austin, Texas. All filters are sewn and packaged by happy human beings making a fair and living wage.

  • Made to Fit: Canning Jar

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Easy cleanup - Just empty grounds, rinse, and hang to thoroughly dry.

  • High quality and less expensive than many market alternatives.

  • Made from Organic Cotton - a responsibly produced, renewable resource


Stretch filter over mouth of jar. Grind 1 cup per 32oz, of your favourite coffee to a medium/coarse grind. Pour the coffee into the CoffeeSock filter and bloom to start (wet ground thoroughly and let sit for 60 seconds). Fill jar with cold water. Twist neck of filter, wrap tie string around neck a few times and slip neck of filter through glass ring. Allow to soak for 6-10 hrs. Remove filter and rest in mouth of jar to fully drain.

Enjoy your freshly brewed cups of ColdBrew concentrate

Kit includs:
1 CoffeeSock Cold Brew Filter
1 32 OR 64oz. mason jar
Filter handmade from USDA Certified organic cotton
Both products 100% Made in the USA

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