Bumby Wool Mitts - Youth Small & Large
Bumby Wool Mitts - Youth Small & Large

Bumby Wool Mitts - Youth Small & Large

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Hand Sewn, Hand Dyed wool mitts
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Youth Small fit approx 3-6 yrs, Large fit approx 6-12yrs

Mitts and moms have been fighting since the beginning of time.  

3 little kittens have lost their mittens, well they must not have had Bumby Mitts! 

 Here are our solutions:

-Encased tube elastic to string through coats so they won’t get lost the first time you use them! (only on the baby/youth sizing)

-Fulled lined with our super soft 100% merino wool in black

-Hidden seams for comfort to not send your children in to fits of rage in epic proportions

-Thumbless option for those that have kids that can’t get their thumbs in the thumb hole, never ever ever, yet won’t let you help, and won’t leave the house until the thumb is in the proper place, so its easier to just not have the thumb hole in the first place so mommy gets a win even though this kid doesn’t even know it – internet fist bump- (available in the 0-2 yr size)

-Thumb option for those kids that have to have a thumb hole in their mitts or it is the end of the world

-Simple clean design so it doesn’t matter if they are inside out or on the left or the right hand, they still fit!

Colours vary as they are hand made in Red Deer, Alberta with in house dyed wool! If you have specific colour requests, feel free to contact us to see what is in stock at time of ordering.

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