Bumby Wool Balaclava Kids Medium (3-8 yr)
Bumby Wool Balaclava Kids Medium (3-8 yr)

Bumby Wool Balaclava Kids Medium (3-8 yr)

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Wool Balaclava for kids
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Balaclavas are a full coverage style hat, which pulls over the head to cover the neck and ears, with a hole for the face.  Made with our comfortably soft Merino wool.  We have put a wedge at the back to allow the balaclava to caress the neck and flow over the shoulders nicely, laying flat under coats and jackets to keep the upper chest nice and cozy. Tuck the trim around your chin or allow to pop over the face as desired to keep warm.

Sizing is very challenging to write out and understand plus the wool is super stretchy and these are made generous.  An adult can get the baby on, even though it is a bit snug.

Baby fits up to about 2 years unless they have a larger sized head,  so you might want to size up.

Youth fits up to about 8 years unless they also have a larger head, but you probably already know that so would have gotten adult as you tend to do with all headgear ( speak from experience)

Adult fits youth to large sized heads.  We have the full spectrum of adult heads here and it fit us all nicely.

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